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If a Landlord has someone helping and advising him/her, shouldn’t the tenant have someone helping him/her as well?  Especially if it’s free to you!l

We love helping businesses find the best location for their needs. Why? Because afterwards, we get to watch them enjoy their success for many years to come. This makes us proud. This process is where our personal touch really comes into play. To represent a tenant, we have to understand the tenant’s business. We also have to understand the business owner’s requirements, needs, goals and desires for a location. We ask a lot of questions to understand those needs. Why? We want to bring you prospective locations that meet those requirements. 

Our Approach

It is imperative for us to understand our client’s needs, goals and desires. 

As such we will ask a lot of questions and also assist by providing demographics to indicate the best possible location to meet the location requirements for our clients.

If a restaurant, all the above questions plus the following:

    • Is a drive-through required? 
    • Are a couple of parking spaces required in the front for quick pick up of food?
    • Do you require second generation restaurant space?
    • Will you spend the money, take the time, get permits to do a complete build-out of a restaurant? 
    • Do you have enough money in the bank to pay rent for the first year of the lease term? (Most landlords want that.)
    • Do you require a free standing building?
    • Do you require an end cap?
    • Do you require outside seating?
    • Do you require big, branded umbrellas outside?
    • Do you require the landlord contribute to your build-out?
    • If so, do you prefer cash or free rent?

As part of the representation process we often provide our clients with lease negotiation assistance.

“We go to war for our clients.” We negotiate on behalf of our clients the exact way we would negotiate for ourselves. If we don’t think its a fair deal, we tell our client we are against it.” 

We help prospective tenants understand the following:

    • CAM
    • Option Periods
    • Rent Commencement Date
    • What is the amount of time you need to get open for business before you start to pay rent?
    • How long will it take you to build-out the space for your intended use?
    • How long will it take you to get your permits, certificate of occupancy (CO)?
    • A Tenant MUST be open for business before commencing to pay rent. I fight for this in the lease negotiation. 
    • Build-out period
    • T.I. Allowance/landlord contribution. (If you are improving landlord’s space, landlord should contribute one way or another.)

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