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To fulfill, with great diligence and perseverance, the needs and desires of each and every client.

Company overview

The Buck Starts Here
Working hard and working smart in the commercial real estate business– this is why our clients, property owners and tenants alike, make better returns on their investments and the extra bucks in their businesses.  South East Atlantic Realty Group (SEA) knows how to aggressively lease, purchase, sell, and operate commercial real estate for real profit.  We should know how to do it  by now (LOL). We’ve been doing it for our clients for over 35 years.

Smart Leasing (a lot more than just putting up a sign)
Without good tenants, commercial real estate is nothing more than an empty box. It could be an ideal location with pretty architecture and quality construction. However, it’s still useless without solid paying tenants. Finding and keeping those tenants is SEA’s specialty. Although a lot of our success comes from putting up signs, online marketing, social media, broadcast emails, and mailing brochures, there is a lot more to successful leasing than simply using these tools. We learned years ago that you need to have relationships with retailers, restaurateurs, owners of all types of businesses, accountants, doctors, lawyers, and other real estate brokers. Additionally, one has to know how to knock on doors and make cold calls. We know how! We do it all the time!

“High Touch” Property Management
We service each commercial property as if it were our own. With high-touch service we personally address the individual needs of our clients. Each month’s rent can be collected via wire or even personal pick up from a specific client. This maximizes the clients’ cash flow plus it allows us to feel the pulse of the property and anticipate any problems early. Many times the high-touch process has meant being able to replace a weak tenant with a stronger one, often increasing rent without a gap in income.

It’s so important to get deals done sooner than later. To do this, a broker has to be willing to share commissions. At SEA, we are happy to share commissions and work with our peers in the industry. For every commission we share, we help our clients by getting another deal done for them. The sooner we lease a vacant space in our client’s property, the sooner our client, the Landlord, begins to collect rent.  The sooner we find that great location to lease for our client, the Tenant, the sooner they get open for business and start generating revenue.

Pinpoint Sales
Your property is unique; that’s how we operate it or sell it–just that way! How can you maximize your value prior to sale? Get the profit you deserve for your venture? SEA’s history of sales is well proven. Find out the secrets of pinpoint sales (it’s all in the marketing). We can do it all for you. 

Give us a call and we will arrange a meeting to determine your real estate needs. We will be happy to share with you the results we have achieved over the past 35 years on a variety of properties.  We are a small, dedicated, top-performing, full-services commercial real estate services company. 


Gary EISENBERG, principal

Gary D. Eisenberg grew up in Miami Beach and graduated from Miami Beach High in 1970. One of the first graduates of Florida International University in 1973 he went on to graduate school earning his Masters degree from San Francisco State University in 1975. Before entering the real estate business he was the Principal of the School for Living Judaism at Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach.  In 1983 with the advice of a friend he started buying and selling land in Jupiter, Florida. The real estate bug had bitten and he began investing in properties in Downtown Miami.  

In 1986 Gary joined Capital Management, a creative real estate firm that taught him the ropes of real estate management, representation and investment. From there Gary went on to establish his own real estate firm along with his childhood friend, attorney and broker Richard V. Gray.  Southeast Atlantic Realty Group (SEA) has become a boutique powerhouse focusing on commercial management of shopping centers, medical office buildings, sales of commercial properties, restaurant site location and the  representation of  both Buyers and Sellers. 

SEA conducts business in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orlando as well as Raleigh, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia. 

Miami is our home – where we choose  to live, work and raise our families. It is that feeling that we wish to impart to our clients. 

Our relationships do not end at the commencement of a deal. We stay connected and involved on a personal level long after the ink has dried. Gary is a  proud father of two sons who lives in Pinecrest and is happily married to his bride of 30 years.  

Call him today to discuss all things real estate.  Learn more about our personal high touch approach to Management, Sales, Tenant Representation and much more. 

Eric Eisenberg, Principal

Since 1997 Eric has been cultivating relationships with property owners and tenants around the region and country, focusing on leasing, buying, selling, site selection, and property management for commercial real estate. From contract negotiation, to advising clients and legal teams, to general real estate consulting and beyond, Eric has deep expertise across the full spectrum of commercial real estate services.  For over 23 years he has helped a myriad of property owners and tenants negotiate a wide range of lease and sales agreements.

A true native of south Florida, born in Miami Beach, married with 2 children and residing in Miami. Eric is a graduate of The University of Florida.  Known as an expert deal maker, Eric values his clients’ time and puts their success first.  Whether representing tenants, landlords, buyers, or sellers, he has a reputation for his honesty, transparency, and expertise in brokering win-win deals.

With a mastery of the art of real estate for the food service industry, Eric is often sought as the “restaurant guru.”  He has an unparalleled history of success helping create winning shared visions between parties. 

As your exclusive representative, Eric will go to war for you. He believes in long-term relationships. It’s not just the one deal; rather, it’s about building relationships that outlast the length of the lease terms.  His focus is long-term success for every client.  

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