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The most important thing we can do for our clients that own property is to make their properties more valuable.

We will help our clients reap the rewards from their assets. One of the ways we do this is by securing the best tenants for our clients’ properties. It makes us proud to find the right tenant for our clients’ properties and negotiate favorable terms and conditions. We drive by these shopping centers and see the parking lots bustling with cars and people coming and going from the stores. It means that the businesses we secured for our clients are serving the needs of the residents and the daytime employee population. That means the tenants are successful and the rental income will flow to our clients for a long time. 

Personalized Service

We ask a lot of questions to understand your needs. Why? We want to bring you the type of prospective tenants that meet your needs, goals, desires, and requirements for your property.

Following are some of the questions we might ask you:

    • What are your rent requirements? 
    • What are your needs, goals and desires for this property? 
    • How long of a lease term are you willing to give? (If you are looking to sell to someone for redevelopment, you might want to give short terms or require a termination right in the event of a redevelopment.)
    • A good tenant mix is important to bring in patrons to the property.
    • The type of tenant will depend on the amount of parking on the property unless offsite parking is prevalent in the area.
    • Do we want a tenant that has a strong online presence?
    • How much security deposit?
    • What financials and credit history of tenant are acceptable to landlord?
    • National vs. regional vs. local tenant?

“We go to war for our clients.” We negotiate on behalf of our clients the exact way we would negotiate for ourselves. If we don’t think its a fair deal, we tell our client we are against it.” 

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